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First Official Visit to Canada
Ukraine house votes to fire Yanukovych
Rehnquist cancer to fuel rumors
The great court guessing game
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To Our Readers  

Remember when newspapers were just in black and white?  We do.

Quality was so much easer to discern then.  Today, in the midst of information phantasmagoria, sadly it’s now cliché that we are drowning in cliché.  There’s been more information produced in the last 5 years than in all of the history.  And now ironically after seemingly endless channel surfing, we’ve all concluded that there's nothing's on.  

That’s more than annoyance; it’s a serious problem.  In the hurricane of information overload, we seem to have lost our moorings and meaningful points of reference.  Without them, we’re adrift.  We’ve literally lost the ability to communicate.  Any wonder why public discourse has become so bitter and contentious.  It’s fueled self interest and separated us from common interest.

But there’s hope.  We’re at the point where super sized is too much, processed has become distasteful, the artificial is likely cancerous, and the SUV doesn’t fit in the garage anymore.  In the midst of too much stuff... by and large we all now long for community and a few things meaningful.

Welcome to Furthermore... 

Furthermore is a new model for a news publication.  Here you’ll find the top stories... as vetted by and for a group of “thinkers.”  Like a book club, Furthermore is a news club of sorts.  Here’s where we come daily to reflect on what’s truly important.  It’s a web-based electronic water cooler and coffee klatch.  It’s a table at the Algonquin were invited guests are armed with newspapers from around the world.  Out of a cloud of cigarettes and coffee, arguments and reconciliations, we forge the “common sense story.”

Think of it as Drudge Report digest with the depth of Newsweek and panache of Harper’s.  We’ll aggregate the stories you need to be “in the know.”   We’ll then give you a synopsis followed immediately by honest thoughtful commentary.  Together, we do the work of reflection and common insight.  Our goal is to give you commentary in real time... not the pabulum or the rants at the fringes, no Franken-O’Reilly mud fests, no special-interest bias and advocacy, but rather just plain information and common sense in context.

Furthermore... however your voice and opinion has been variously stifled or even lost, here we change that by giving you an “open source” version of a newspaper.  We provide all the tools for you to participate.  Unique compared to other news sites, here you’ll find: a content management tool for easy publishing and archiving; various communications tools such as forum, private messaging system and chat; an archive engine for fingertip article reference; translation tools; a newsletter system; even a photo archive and gallery. 

All to say, we invite you to come share with us.  Come tell us what you think and believe.  If you’ve got the discipline to get the story right and will to convince others, and most of all the open-mindedness and flexibility to incorporate other ideas, come join us.  Or, if you’re so inspired as to be interested in starting your own news daily, we can help you do that, too.  Click on Do It Yourself on the left.

Finally, we invite you to do it today.  Your voice is essential.  This is the glue that keeps the pieces of our mosaic together in a recognizable pattern. In an ever more granularized world of endless possibility and ceaseless urgency, your voice is what makes it authentic.  And common sense is what keeps it all from spinning out of control.

Fast is today…urgent is okay... but important is better…and meaningful is best.  It is in that spirit, we look forward to hearing from you.





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Sat, 19 Apr 2014 23:21

Internet:Business News
Sat, 19 Apr 2014 23:21

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Sat, 19 Apr 2014 23:21
Whatever Michael Moore can do in "Fahrenheit 9/11,"John Ashcroft can do more often with his apocalyptic press conferences.
The Best Goebbels of All?
When you live in Las Vegas, the neon signs rising from the desert floor are ordinary; the wedding chapels are just another choice in the decision of where to marry.
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Bishops have no special mandate from their office to supplant the individual conscience with some divine imperative.
The Bishops vs. the Bible
Here's a few of the headlines I'd like to read while I'm on my sabbatical.
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